Religious Jokes

Religious Jokes One day, 3 preachers and their wives were on thier way to church together, when they were hit by an oncomeing truck and died. At the gates of heaven, they stood in line until it was their turn to face Saint Peter. the first preacher walks up to the gates and Saint Peter said, "nope, you can't come into heaven." "why not?" asked the preacher. " you've always been greedy and wanted money." " but i was rich!" " so, yoou've always wanted more money." with that the preacher turned to his wife and said, "come on penny let's go." the second prescher walked up to Saint Peter, andd the same thing happened again, except, Saint Peter said" you can't come in because you've always wanted to drink." "well, of course the preacher said" i've never had a drink! the n he turned to his wife and said, " come on cherie let's go. Then Saint Peter turned to the third Preacher and the preacher said" oh, no! not me! come on fanny let's go." How many Fundamentalist Christians does it take to srew ina light bulb?
(in a peevish voice)
We don't use lightbulbs they weren't in the New Testement. 3 nuns want to get into heaven,but a priest has a quiz they have to pass. The question for the first nun is who was the first man on earth?

Nun 1: That's easy;Adam

the question for the second nun was, who was the first woman on earth?

nun2: That's easy;Eve

the question for the third nun was: what was the first thing eve said to adam?

nun3: that's hard

sudenly the church bells rang,she got it right.

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