Ethnic Jokes

Ethnic Jokes

***These are just JOKES please take no offense.***

OK, so there were these three different ethnics, see? And they needed to get this task done. So the first one tries... and he fails. But he fails in a way that is characteristic of his ethnicity. So the second one says "Here, I'll do it," and he tries and _he_ fails... in a way that is characteristic of _his_ ethnicity, but _analogous_ to the way the first guy failed. So the third guy says "Come on, let me try." So he tries and HE fails... in a way that is characteristic of his ethnicity but NOT analogous to the way the first and second guys failed!

A person belonging to an ethnic group whose members are commonly considered to have certain stereotypical mannerisms met another person belonging to a different ethnic group with a different set of imputed stereotypical mannerisms. The first person acted in a manner consistent with the stereotypes associated with his ethnic group, and proceeded to make a remark which might be considered to establish conclusively his membership in that group, whereupon his companion proceeded to make a remark with a double meaning, the first meaning of which could be interpreted to indicate his agreement with his companion, but the other meaning of which serves to corroborate his membership in his particular ethnic group. The first person took offense at his remark, and reacted in a stereotypical way! Q: How many people belonging to a certain ethnic group does it take to perform a particular menial activity? A: A finite positive integer. One to perform the activity, and the rest to behave in a manner stereotypical of their ethnic group!

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Introduction to Chinese

Introduction to Chinese


Ai Bang Mai Ne:


I bumped into the coffee table

Ar U Wun Tu:


A gay liberation greeting

Chin Tu Fat:


You need a face lift

Dum Gai:


A stupid person

Dung On Mai Shu:   I stepped in excrement
Fat Ho:   An unattractive woman

Gun Pao Der:


An ancient Chinese invention

Hao Long Wei Ting?:   Inquiry to determine if bus is due
Hia Dei Kum:   They are approaching

Hu Flung Dung:


Which one of you fertilized the field?

Hu Yu Hai Ding:


We have reason to believe you are harboring a fugutive

Jan Ne Ka Sun:


A former late night talk show host

Kum Hia:


Approach me

Lao Ze Sho:


Gilligan's Island

Lao Zi:


Not very good

Lei Lo Remain:   Out of sight
Lei Tsho:   Midnight television program

Lin Ching:


An illegal execution

Ming Toy:   Plaything belonging to ancient emperor

Moon Lan Ding:


A great achievement of the American space program

Ne Ahn:


A lighting fixture used in advertising signs

Noh Bai Dam Ting:   Prices are too high here
Noh Pah King:   Tow-Away zone
Noh Tsmo King:   Cigarettes are hazardous to health
Noh Wei Ding:   Keep out of pond
Po Ne:   A small horse

Shai Gai:


A bashful person

Si-Ling Fan:   A device to keep you cool
Sum Dum Fuk:   Irritating drivers

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